Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo Episode #15

All aboard the depressing train… Next stop, Sorata’s home in Fukuoka!

Don’t mind Sorata, he’s just an idiot after last week’s episode!

And so after a dramatic Ep. 14, it’s time for Sorata to go back home to Fukuoka and spend the New Year together with the three girls.

As for Misaki, I think she’s still depressed after Jin’s confession last week! Gee, at least pretend that you’re fine!

“I’m Sorata’s mom, and I’m snarky and beautiful like a certain Satomi Arai!”

“I’m Sorata’s dad, and orgy is forbidden on my turf!”

On the other hand, let me introduce Sorata’s parents: One is a hot mom who is snarky (and not a lesbian like Kuroko), and the other is a strict dad who doesn’t like anyone doing dirty things behind his back.

So Sorata, better be nice to daddy and concentrate on your presentation after New Year’s Day! Oh yeah, and I hope Yuuko and Nanami’s respective dreams would come true ’cause they’ll regret it if they didn’t!

Speaking of New Year, looks like Misaki is back again to her normal, genki girl persona that I love. Better fuck her silly before anyone steal your childhood friend, Jin!

Anyways, I think the next episode would be D-Day for Sorata and Nanami. And don’t worry Mashiro, you’ll get your chance of loving Sorata right after the presentation!

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