Robotics;Notes Episode #14

“No Kona-chan, this is not the time to have sex… yet!”

Damn you Yashio, have sex already while playing Kill-Ballad! Wait, is it possible? On the other hand, he’s right ’cause Yashio is gonna play the game and save the world…

…from the “happiest” robot uprising ever! Whoever came up with this shit while trolling Frau by tagging her as the mastermind is the most cruelest prankster that I’ve ever heard!

On the other hand, I think I’m becoming more of a Frau fan after this episode. I mean, she became a hikikomori and created Kill-Ballad in honor of her mother’s anime project “Gunvarrel”. What a nice girl she was, even though she’s acting like a weirdo!

And BTW, she stole Yashio’s kiss after he defeated the cheater bot and stop the rampage at Tokyo. You deserve a medal, Kona-chan!

Anyways, Kona-chan’s arc has a good ending… but the story of preventing the end of the world is not yet over!

As for you Aki-chan, you can go ogle your obsession with Gunvarrel and make that GunPro-2!

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  1. Anise_punter says:

    …Rooting for Sugisaki-style True Harem End. I can’t be the only one, right?

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