AKB0048 Episode #17

With Mimori placing at 10th last week, it’s time for the rest to shine at the General Elections. Starting at 9th Place, it’s Sae Miyazawa the 10th!

Oh Megumi, you still want to join with Sae? Let’s just say there’s not a chance for you at this moment unless Kawamori changed his mind!

Back to the program, and it seems that Tomochin the 11th felt so disappointed for placing herself in 8th Place…

So was Kojiharu the 8th, which she kept a smile on her face while shedding tears on how she was placed in 7th Place.

Well, there is next year if Akimoto-sensei makes another song!

But the most surprising reveal so far is how Chieri got into 6th Place! I know that Chieri’s father “supported” her, but I think she have to let this one slide. It would become worse if Chieri said to the crowd that she’ll quit AKB0048!

Placing 5th and 4th Place is Mayuyu Mk. 3 and Yukirin the 6th, respectively. Now if someone can turn these two into a yuri pair just like Yamato Nadeshiko. On the other hand, I wonder if the real Mayu Watanabe and Yuki Kashiwagi are into that kind of relationship…

And now for the big guns, placing at 3rd is Sayaka the 10th…

And placing at 2nd is Takamina the 5th. Not bad for a captain of the team!

Umm, you should at least blow your nose. Gee Kanata, you’re such a crybaby!

Now that all 9 spots were placed, there’s one more left to grab. 1st Place goes to…

Yuuko Oshima the 9th, the winner of 0048 General Elections and the first one crowned since the disappearance of Acchan the 13th! Congratulations, you deserved a cookie… and a cover of AKB0048’s new single!

Of course, she won’t be satisfied until she surpass Acchan the 13th… I mean, look at those Kiraras surrounding her!

Speaking of Yuuko, it seems that Nagisa is stunned that she wasn’t placed at the rankings. Well, there is next time… Nagisa, the General Elections is over! Wake up now!

And that my friends is the conclusion of the General Elections. Good thing it wasn’t rigged like I predicted. It could be worse if Chieri was 1st Place…

On the other hand, I have a feeling that Nagisa would be the favorite to win the next election. Heck, so was Chieri… if her father wasn’t meddling that is!

Anyways, on to the next stage!

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