Little Busters! Episode #16

Sorry Masato, but that katsudon is a lie! On the other hand, this episode is a lie too…

…since it’s drama all the way! I guess J.C.Staff is getting serious on Haruka’s arc now.

Anyways, it seems that her reputation turn from bad to worse! Now only she’s getting on her nerves on Kanata and the Disciplinary Committee, but some sneaky bastard is trying to sabotage it further by revealing that Haruka’s father is a criminal!

Okay, that was a fact given by Haruka but that’s so harsh! Whoever did this needs to be punched in the face pretty badly!

Speaking of Haruka, it seems that my hunch from Episode 7 came true… I freakin’ knew it, Kanata is Haruka’s sister!

I guess her arc gets worse next week… God, that Kanata is such a bitch on this episode!

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