Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo Episode #16

Time for Round 2 as Sorata brings his game concept for approval…

…against the board of judges, including a certain Fujisawa-sensei. Will he succeed, or will he fail this time?

Fortunately, Sorata succeeds this time. Congrats to him for having his game approved! Now the only thing left for him is to choose which girl will he date with on Valentine’s Day.

And gee Sorata, it’s just a script made by Misaki-sempai… It’s not like you really gonna confess that you love Nanami or anything! I mean, Nanami is using her script to practice for her audition so they’re just rehearsing and stuff.

On the other hand, Mashiron wants to seduce Sorata while wearing only a bath towel. If her plan fails, there’s is always Plan C!

Then again, her backup plan won’t work when Yuuko is around. She’s here for the entrance exam at Sui High so she can keep an eye on her onii-chan on the next school year.

Now that this episode is over, I can’t wait for the Valentine’s Day episode next week!

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