AKB0048 Episode #18

Oh look, ain’t them lucky to being part of the concert…

…while those girls are doing the dirty work. Literary!

Maybe they should up the ante next time, especially Nagisa.

But the winner for this episode goes to Makoto, facing her grumpy fears and becoming a badass! Well, it’s good enough that she has a closet fan from Naniwastar who is helping them escape, but they did a great job stopping illegal activities like placing bets on their guerrilla concerts. That’s right, these so-called “anti-entertainment” people are betting for how long AKB0048 perform on their turf! Heh, I feel that I wanna laugh now in disgust!

Now what will Mr. Sono do now? Oh wait, he’s planning his next move like capturing all 9 understudies with Kiraras!

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