Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo Episode #18

Oh Yuuko, I guess you won’t be studying at Suimei High… And on top of that, there won’t have Sakurasou Dorms anymore!

Bummer to the fullest, dawg!

On the other hand, it seems that their relationship tension between Misaki and Jin has been finally resolved…

…by giving Misaki a cute engagement ring from Jin. And also, Jin will do everything to be the best scriptwriter, and a man worthy of Misaki.

That’s great Jin, but it would be nice if you seal the deal by fucking Misaki silly so no other guy can touch her. I’ll be very delighted if you did it!

With that one resolved, I guess it’s time to wind down to the last episode of Sakurasou. I wonder what drama will J.C.Staff throw next week?

And BTW, their fight between Sorata and Jin reminds me of that fight between Taiga and Sumire from Toradora Ep. 16, but with less drama and more physical than its predecessor.

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