Robotics;Notes Episode #17

Well Mr. Mitsuhiko Nagafukada, even though you are a bumbling teacher and adviser to the Robotics Club, I respect you for pouring sake onto Mizuka’s watery grave. And speaking of the Robotics Club, it’s disbanded as of this episode because the wind and some glitches crippled (but not killed) Subaru at the end of Ep. 16.

But who cares if they’re officially disbanded, Aki-chan won’t give up easily and decided to continue the GunPro-2 project despite the odds. It’s her fight to defy her “ordinary” status after all!

On the other hand, Kai just finished downloading the last Kimijima Report. But it seems that downloading it would spread his report across the globe. Oh boy, looks like Kai just fell into a trap and the Committee of 300 is gonna hunt him and his friends down. This is not good!

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