Love Live! School Idol Project Episode #07

You gonna get groped until your chest got bigger… by yours truly!

And Nozomi becomes a legend of yuri-groping in this school idol show!

And to top it all off, she can force Nico, Honoka, and Rin to work their ass off and study until they get a passing grade, or μ’s won’t be participating on the Love Live! School Idol Tournament.

Well, that’s Nozomi for ya!

On the other hand, there’s a bit of some backstory from Eri-sempai. Oh yes, and that blonde girl standing in front of Umi-chan is her sister.

Sure, she uploaded their performance on Episode 3 and got some good results, but telling them as amateurs is a bit harsh! Oh, and Eri has ballet experience which is why she’s a professional and μ’s are nothing but amateurs.

Now if only she can drop the “elitist” act and join μ’s instead. She’s a big asset to the group in my opinion!

Anyways, the next episode is all about the student council president. Oh, and it seems that Nico, Rin, and Honoka got a passing grade.

Too bad that they won’t save their school any longer as Otonokizaka Academy won’t accept new students any longer, which is quite a downer for me. Well, all of their efforts went up in smoke!

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