Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo Episode #19

Today’s episode… It’s flashback time!

As you can see, this is how Sorata end up in Sakurasou whether it’s good or bad. And gee Misaki, please stand up or you might get the wrong impression from Jin. (Okay, he’s still womanizing during that period)

Origin story aside, I think this episode is a good reminder that Sakurasou have precious memories that can’t be replaced… and a good build-up too for some serious things to come in the future!

But enough flashback for this episode, the tenants have work to do to save their dorms from demolition next week.

Man, I feel that it’s gonna be ugly against the higher-ups at Sui High! Oh yeah, and more drama too, especially Mashiro…

For now, I’ll end this post with a commemoration picture of Sorata joining the tenants at Sakurasou. (minus Dragon-kun)

And BTW, kudos to Yoshitsugu Matsuoka for this week’s performance. You know, it’s better for him to do comedy roles like Sorata, but he can do serious roles like Kirito and stuff!

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