Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai NEXT Episode #07

Well Yozora, you’re scared that you look like a slut? Why don’t you trade it for a tracksuit…

…and let Yukimura wear it for ya! In my opinion, Yukimura is so girly-looking on Yozora’s getup.

As for Rika, I think she looks like a grade-schooler. Eek, don’t want her to turn into a loli and seduce Kodaka with that!

Anyways, this episode is dedicated to the lolita vampire that is Kobato- I mean, Reisis V. Felicity Sumeragi!

Happy birthday, Iron Necromancer! Now if only Kuroneko makes an appearance…

…and speaking of Kuroneko (which she won’t make an appearance), it seems that the Takayama sisters got their screentime back! About damn time that they got back in Haganai, I thought both of them are gone forever…

And look, nekkid Kate! Kodaka, you are such a lucky bastard! Why don’t have a girlfriend- Oh wait, he wants to have friends first.

Anyways, I wonder what activities will the Neighbors’ Club do next? Meeting new characters perhaps? I’ll have to find out next week!

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