Maoyuu Maou Yuusha Episode #08

Having the Dragon Princess is the next best thing in Maoyu, other than the Demon Queen and the Female Knight…

…and she’s good at staging extravagant parties too! Be grateful, Young Merchant!

On the other hand, the Demon Queen is still busy renewing her licence… And she met the Female Wizard along the way too.

Still, it would be a harsh comeback party when she returns to the human world. The Demon Queen (or the Crimson Scholar) is branded as a heretic (just like in Spice and Wolf) and the whole continent is in upheaval.

You know what Mr. Hero, time to play as a god-slayer ’cause you’re gonna fight against the Army of Light! BTW, it seems that the quality has dropped a bit on Ep. 8. What is ARMS doing as of late, doing Harlem Shake perhaps?

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