AKB0048 Episode #21


Yeah, yeah, you and your ambition to create dualium out of idols has finally came true! Happy now, Mr. Sono?

Yes, this is inevitable that the DES… or by extension, the Zodiac Corporation, will invade and destroy Akibastar during the concert.

And thanks to Mr. Sono’s flawless plan, Yuuko has achieved the point of Position 0 as a Center Nova. Yes, Mr. Sono’s plan work perfectly and she even open the gate for former Center Novae like Acchan the 13th.

Too bad the Yuuko’s time as the Center has finally up and she’s gone to the point of no-return. Wanna join her when you become the center, Chieri and Nagisa?

Anyways, I guess the next episode will try to reboot themselves… Oh, and there’s no place to hide for AKB0048! Speaking of AKB0048, I wonder if Sensei-sensei is still safe after all this ruckus? But still, he’s become even more deranged as ever!

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