Sasami-san@Ganbaranai Episode #07

This anime won’t be a SHAFT anime without their trademark headtilt. Don’t try imitating it, or Director Shinbo will snap you down!

Speaking of Sasami, she’s a-okay and not a single hymen was broken on this episode. You can thank brother Kamiomi for breaking-in to the raep room…

Of course, given that Kamiomi is a sexually-depraved individual whose siscon levels can rival any of Koyasu’s characters, he has received a drop kick from Sasami-san!

Still, I wonder if some bastard can make a “bad end” route and tick those “purity” lovers out.

Also on this episode, Tama-chan becomes the total badass as she can be by getting lost on her way to the remnants of the Tsukiyomi Shrine.

Oh, and she’s here to chomp Sasami’s mother down to hell! Where’s your Tsukiyomi now, huh?!

Of course, Sasami’s mother will be back but damn I wish she stayed dead ’cause people die if they are killed. Okay, I said it already! Happy now, Fate/Stay Night fans?

Anyways, I guess Sasami is back to her unmotivated self… free to have friends, play games, and watch anime. Heck, she might even watch Kyouran Kazoku Nikki too! So see ya Sasami’s mother, you were so nice to your daughter back then!

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