Love Live! School Idol Project Episode #08

The Melancholy of an Elitist: Eri Ayase

This is a story of a ballet girl who lost her dreams and becomes the stubborn student council president that is Ericchi!

Um Rin-chan, Ericchi is not gonna grope you like Nozomi… She’s going to train you in the elitist way possible like stretching your back until your face touched to the ground!

Seriously, if they want them to become elites like you, why don’t you let them join AKB48. That way, Otonokizaka Academy will be shut down for good!

But you know what, why don’t suck it up and drop the elitist act. No wonder the Chairwoman of the school doesn’t like you, because you’re so uptight and you feel the jealousy!

Then again, no one would accept you, not even μ’s… Nobody, except for your sister.

Okay, I have to retract what I’ve said. I guess Eri will join the idol group. And as a bonus, Nozomi the groper will join too.

Well, that makes it nine member now… But still, they can’t beat the main understudies from AKB0048.

Anyways, now that μ’s is completed, it’s time to get serious on saving their school as they join the Love Live School Idol Tournament. Wish them good luck if they face against A-RISE!

But for now, next week is image training… by donning maid uniforms!

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