Robotics;Notes Episode #18

No saboteur would wreck on GunPro-2 ’cause it’s finally arrived at the Tokyo Expo!

Although it’s cool if you have a PokeCom with you, but then again it won’t click you because of Gunvarrel.

Still on this episode, Airi is back… in the flesh!

Although she doesn’t remember anything during her time as an AI. Damn you Kimijima, at least make a headset that can store memories from Kai’s PokeCom and transfer it to Airi’s brain!

On the other hand, there’s Misaki… being alone and not being friendly as ever. I’m sure that you’re being so cold to Aki-chan because you don’t want her to involve on the Kimijima Report. But here’s Kai, being dragged into your mess instead.

And BTW, your robot SUMERAGI ins’t controlling by a single hand… But you did, piloting that robot of yours so you can save face for you and your company. Gee, you’re not only a cold-hearted sister, but your a liar and cheater too!

Anyways, this episode ends with a cliffhanger. Mr. Sawada, don’t try to bring firearms at the expo. Do you even read the strict gun laws in Japan?

Still, this series is at the tipping point… Now what will Kai do now?

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  1. anise_punter says:

    I love this show, I have no idea why. I think Aki is contagious.

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