Sakurasou no Pet na Kanojo Episode #20

Oh sure Ryuunosuke Akasaka, Sakurasou will be demolished because Mashiro is there making manga. But c’mon, don’t be such an asshat and help us out by filling up signatures!

On the other hand, it seems that Nanami won’t be a voice actress anymore. It’s expected that she’ll fail the auditions, leave Sakurasou, and go back to Osaka ’cause her father said so!

But hey, she still have time left to save Sakurasou… if there is enough signatures to submit to the boardroom. Still, I feel sad for Nanamin to fail. I wonder if Sorata is next to fail as well…

And regarding Dragon-kun, Rita is here on this episode. Heh, getting some screentime you cheeky Brit!

But on one hand, there’s is backstory to Dragon-kun, particularly his life having no friends ’cause he’s too damn good and demanding to be on his level. And no wonder Ryuunosuke becomes a hikikomori.

But that’s the past, this is the present Dragon-kun! You have friends at Sakurasou and they won’t leave you!

Anyways, looks like Ryuunosuke jumped out of his comfort zone and give them a helping hand. You may thank Rita for that!

But still, cut the brohugs… You still have a long way to save your damn dorms from destruction. Oh, and as for Sorata, he needs his body ready to juggle between the competition and Sakurasou ’cause it’s not gonna be easy as this series winds down to the finale!

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