Love Live! School Idol Project Episode #10

You know what Nozomi, you should rename yourself as Nozoki!

And so, the idol group μ’s decided to hold a summer camp at Maki’s place! Although it’s more fun and play and no practice.

Speaking of Maki, it seems that she needs a bit of “oomph” on her social skills with her fellow idols…

…not until they engaged in the traditional recreation that is pillow fight! Oh, and don’t blame Maki, blame Nozomi for starting it!

And don’t forget that it’s also her fault for waking Umi-chan up! You don’t want her to get angry and throw supersonic pillows at you. Her scary face says it all!

Good thing Maki and Nozomi put Umi to sleep before she knock the rest of μ’s!

So anyway, the next episode is gonna be the main event! Whether they succeed or fail in Love Live is up to you…

And BTW, not a single CG dance sequence was inserted on this episode. Sunrise, make sure you can do it with higher quality!

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