Love Live! School Idol Project Episode #11

That’s what you get for making a mundane lottery draw awesome! Now you have to perform outside!

On the other hand, it seems that Kotori is still worried on going abroad and study at some prestigious school outside Japan. Please, just tell your mates how you feel instead of keeping it by yourself…

…especially, Honoka! Yes, the center of μ’s is pushing herself too much, that she doesn’t have the time to hear Kotori’s problems. Seriously, training in the rain? You sure want to get sick, you fool.

Oh wait, idiots like Honoka don’t catch cold, right?

Sadly, not this time… And with that, they’re fallen into 21st place after their first song of this episode.

Now what will they do? They lost their chance to save their school… and there is still two episodes left! God, this series will drop some drama bombs!

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