Tantei Opera Milky Holmes: Alternative

And, we have another Milky Holmes special… This time, they didn’t lost their powers by being bumped in the head, and it’s based on two PSP games, which is what the original plan for Milky Holmes.

BTW, the protagonist named Mr. Opera Kobayashi makes his animated appearance. Glad that J.C.Staff put this guy into action instead of sticking to two games.

As for the story itself, it’s a standalone story where they stop a virus from spreading across the world and perish everyone. Think of it as a prototype on Anthrax or any air-borne virus that are dangerous to humans.

In the end, the world was saved thanks to Milky Holmes. Oh, and special thanks to Lily too… I mean, her ancestor was a Sherlock Holmes admirer!

Anyways, third season is coming up in Summer 2013. Of course, I’m not gonna blog it ’cause they’re back to being useless detectives!

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