Kotoura-san Episode #12

And now let’s celebrate the final episode of Kotoura-san at the karaoke again…

Yeah, I knew that Haruka Kotoura is a terrible singer, but it can’t be help then!

On the other hand, it seems that Kumiko, Haruka’s mother, still cares for her daughter…

…even after telling that she “should never have given birth” to Haruka.

And BTW, that’s her sad face! What a tragic mother Kumiko was! But hey, at least she made her daughter some breakfast before leaving. I still hate her though for being a jerkass!

As for Haruka, she finally confessed her love to Manabe-kun and became a couple. Well, I’m glad that they become one… I hope no one would pull an NTR and break them apart, not even Moritani!

So yes, this is the end of Kotoura-san. It was surprise hit, and most of the plot points like Haruka’s mother, Yuriko and Muroto’s backstory, are mostly resolved. As for Kotoura herself, she has gone from being a monotonous loner, to a lively girl thanks to her friends and Manabe-kun.

Now I don’t want to have another season because I’m satisfied with this ending. But hey, I’m open to a possible Season 2 made by AIC!

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