AKB0048 Episode #26

It’s not like everyone hates AKB0048, it’s the enemy who did it!

And this is the “true” final episode of AKB0048 as the understudies and the successors are going to prove them that they don’t abandon the audience! Blame DGTO and DES for brainwashing the populace!

Oh look, it’s Acchan the 13th, and she’s her to see Yuuko!

Yes, I know that you want to be with her performing forever with Acchan, but you have to return to the surface!

Well Yuuko, I’m glad that you’re back in action! I miss you so much!

On the other hand, Nagisa has achieved Center Nova-levels of radiance. And Nagisa said that she could be anything, so she becomes Acchan the 14th on the spot! (Oh, and she became a Center Nova in the process.)

Also, Chieri becomes the Center Nova as well! Hell, she can clone herself and befriend the enemy with the power of music! And BTW, she eventually joins the successors as a center under her name. (and didn’t disappear along with Nagisa and became goddesses, according to my speculation…)

In the end, Akibastar was liberated thanks to AKB0048! You may thank the fans for their support!

Unfortunately, this ending for AKB0048 means that there won’t be another sequel. Yes, 3 out of the NO NAME members become successors, but the six of them (Kanata, Yuuka, Orine, Sonata, Suzuko, and Makoto) are still understudies. Heck, two of the VAs (Sayaka Nakaya and Sawako Hata) already graduated so there’s no point for both of them to come back for another season.

Of course, there are some plot lines that are left unresolved like who’s the assassin that killed Mr. Sono, and what happened to DGTO after AKB0048 reclaimed Akibastar? C’mon, there should at least a rebellion going on within DGTO!

Oh, and one more thing, I’m disappointed that Megumi didn’t ascended from being extra, as well as having no Minori Urakawa successor. (I’m reading AKB49 BTW…)

Nevertheless, AKB0048 ended in a positive way, which is a good thing considering that they finished the series in 2012 before airing it in January. So anyway, good job Satelight and AKB48! Now if only they could animate AKB49…

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4 Responses to AKB0048 Episode #26

  1. Ran says:

    “Nagisa has achieved Center Nova”

    Did you watch the episode with subs? Nagisa didn’t become Center Nova. She only became Acchan the 14th. Chieri became Center Nova, the only Center Nova. Note how at the end (right before the credits) they’re announcing Nagisa as Acchan the 14th and Chieri as the new Center Nova. You have to pay attention because the congratulation plates go by really fast, but it’s all there.

    • benigmatica says:

      I’m sorry about that, but she has the Center Nova radiance, but not a full Center Nova. (and I was caught in the moment of awesome so it can’t be helped)

      Besides, Center Nova is a phenomenon and a position at the same time. But I refer to it as a phenomenon.

      • Ran says:

        Having Center Nova-level radiance and being Center Nova are not the same thing by far. Besides, you posted “Nagisa has achieved Center Nova”, which is just NOT true.

        A girl achieves Center Nova status when she produces the Center Nova phenomenon and open the gate. As you saw in this episode, Chieri produced the phenomenon and opened the gate, not Nagisa. That’s why Chieri is the only one who achieved Center Nova status.

  2. Kah says:

    Minori seems to be a proto center nova.

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