Little Busters! Episode #25

So Riki, I heard that you become the captain of the baseball team… and you have a match next week!

BTW, looks like I’ve jumped the gun on Rin’s arc. I guess I’ll have to wait for Season 2 if J.C.Staff can make one.

But anyways, today’s episode is all about Kengo Miyazawa. Not only he saved a girl from falling off a school building…

…but joined the Little Busters! as a 9th member of the team. Welcome back, Kengo!

Even though his left arm was broken, he can hit a ball with just one hand… even though it takes a disabled idiot to pull it off! And seriously, this art style reminds me of those shonen manga from the 60’s, specifically “Kyojin no Hoshi” or “Star of the Giants” in English.

And here’s the girl that Kengo saved from peril and despair. Seriously Ms. Miyuki Koshiki, just remove your infected eye, replace it with a doll eye, and do something other than moping around. You don’t need to cry just because you lost your right eye!

Anyways, next week is the final episode… Good luck J.C.Staff!

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