Love Live! School Idol Project Episode #13

So, you want to be a school idol again, Honoka-chan? Well, you’re always welcome if you forgive Kotori-chan and convince her to stay!

In any case, Kotori forgive Honoka and she decides to stay in Japan for the time being.

Anyway, this is the final episode… And after last week’s episode Honoka is back as a school idol. Oh, and μ’s is back from the trashbin! It was a short hiatus, but at least they returned!

Only this time, there’s a large audience waiting for their comeback! Yes, it was all worth it for these girls from Otonokizaka Academy.

As for A-RISE, I think they found themselves a rival now! Sure, they won the Love Live! school idol tournament, but I don’t think Sunrise would make another season since Nico, Nozomi, and Eri might graduate in-universe while keeping an eye of DVD sales and other merchandise.

In the end, Love Live! School Idol Project was a good idol anime. Although its ending leaves an opening for Season 2, I think Sunrise have closed enough of the plotlines for this series, unlike AKB0048. (Then again, AKB0048 is better in terms of plot and CGI dancing sequences.)

Anyway, that would be it for Love Live! Thank you Sunrise, and good luck with Valvrave!

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