BLOOD-C: The Last Dark

It’s great to be back on raging this show that is BLOOD-C. After that abysmal ending in 2011, I’ll be expecting that this “epilogue” movie won’t put any closures. Sure, it’s great to have Nana Mizuki playing as Saya, but mixing Blood: The Last Vampire with CLAMP designs won’t even help… It’s terrible!

Well anyways, I’ll make this short ’cause it’s feels worse when I drag this post too long!

So anyway, Saya comes to Tokyo for her revenge against Fumito, also known as the guy who gives guimauves. Also, if you noticed that she’s cold as an ice, just like the original Saya from Blood: The Last Vampire. Yeah Fumito, you sure scorned her, and now you wanted to take over the world! (OF COURSE!)

As for the rest, Elder Bairns are rampaging across Tokyo… But not a massive one, just selected places from dark-lit streets to trains! Oh, and Fumito is still obsessive to Saya, even it means screwing her around.

Now for the film itself, it’s a big improvement over the TV series animation-wise, which I have to admit that. But wait, there’s more blood (just like in previous Blood series) and nudity. Still, the plot didn’t improve much other than putting CLAMP references.

For the supporting cast, they’re good and they don’t backstab Saya like the TV series. They’re just a bunch of ragtag misfits trying to abolish censorship. Now if only Saya can take some intimate time with Mana just before going to the final battle.

As for the ending, it’s so anti-climatic. I mean, Fumito turned into a giant Elder Bairn by sacrificing Mogari

…and decided to stick Saya’s sword and disappear! Fuck, this is so stupid. You should have done that during the TV series, but you decided to end your life on this film anyway.

Well, that’s the true conclusion to BLOOD-C. Tokyo didn’t become a fascist capital, and both censorship and curfew are lifted. (But don’t get caught by the police if you stayed up late in the city streets.) With that, Saya disappears without saying farewell to her new friends and goes off alone…

Anyways, this film is already been blogged by me, and it feels that it’s gone bitter at the end. At least I didn’t make this post longer…

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  1. Same here. Big disappointment. I was hope for an action packed, blood fueled train ride of revenge. And while Saya sure did want that revenge bad, the show didn’t play out that way. It felt too weird, too slowly paced, too dumb. I still maintain that this could have been a good tv series if they wanted to flesh out the characters and Tokyo more. Meh. Doesn’t matter now.

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