Ore no Imouto ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai. Episode #02

Oh Ayase, you and your yandere face… It never gets old!

So anyway, Kirino is now addicted to a Love Plus-clone game called Love Touch.

Oh, and it comes with a yandere route, and a smart phone app where you can send your girlfriend with messages 24/7, just like real life. Well Konami, you should top that!

Of course, given that this game is so addicting (even marrying a character in real-life), Kyou-chan got himself hooked in Love Touch. Good thing he didn’t go to the yandere route…

And speaking of yandere, it seems that Ayase went to that route. Thank you Love Touch for making that face on Ayase, now I’m so scared on looking at her…

Anyways, I hope the next episode has Kuroneko! Also, it turns out that A-1 Pictures will end the episode with a different theme every week!

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