Ore no Imouto ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai. Episode #03

Damn, there’s no way Saori can’t be this… beautiful!?

Long story short, it’s a Saori backstory episode when she transforms from being a shadow to her older sister to become the samurai-speaking otaku that is Saori Bajeena! In fact, it was briefly hinted on the first season.

You should ditch your round glasses, Saori. You look gorgeous!

Anyways, this is Saori’s older sister Kaori Makishima who is a leader of a doujin circle called “Pretty Garden”.

Too bad that she’ll have to disband it as Kaori is getting married, which Saori got depressed as her time spend with her sister within the circle felt wasted.

However, not all was lost for Saori-chan as she was befriended by Kanako’s older sister named Kanata Kurusu, where she became a role-model for Saori right down to it’s round glasses.

And by the way, good thing Kanata is not a tsundere like her little sister. But hey, at least she’s an excellent manga artist who would create her manga series called Maschera, which is based on Kanata’s chuunibyou friend Shinya Sanada. You should sign your copy of Maschera to Kanata-sensei, Kuroneko!

Well anyways, all’s well that ends well on this episode of OreImo Season 2!

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