Ore no Imouto ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai. Episode #04

Today’s episode, it’s all about Ria Hagry who is Kirino Kousaka’s rival and track-and-field prodigy. Sure that Kirino beat her once, but it’s not gonna work this time around unless Kyousuke is cheering his “not so cute” sister that is!

Anyways, Kirino wants her perverted brother to be her boyfriend on the next episode. Way to go, siscon!

Oh, and let’s end this post with Kirino’s stripped pantsu… Those are feeling regretted on seeing panties will have to step away!

And BTW, there are some Sword Art Online figurines shown on this episode since both OreImo and SAO are animated by A-1 Pictures, not to mention sharing the same publisher Dengeki Bunko.

Speaking of Dengeki Bunko, it seems that KyoAni is making a swimming anime after airing that teaser video.

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