Sword Art Online… Airing in the Philippines

Courtesy of Danbooru and its original creator.

Today is Labor Day, and what a way to celebrate this wonderful holiday… is an announcement that Sword Art Online will air in the Philippines near you.

Actually, scratch that one because no one in the Big 3 (ABS-CBN 2, TV5, and GMA 7) would air this show, since they don’t have the timeslot, nor the enthusiasm to promote one. Heck, it seems that the picture seen on this website is not even legit. In fact, ABS-CBN broadcast their shows on Channel 2, and not Channel 12. (which is reserved to GMA 7 on Cable TV)

And one last thing, it seems that anime in the Philippines nowadays is aired in mornings, sitting beside Western cartoons. The only chance you will see SAO is either Animax-Asia or Hero TV, which will either be a hit-or-miss depending on the edits of the former, and the dubbers’ performance on the latter.

Still, if you want to watch Sword Art Online on your local Philippine TV, then tough luck for you. It’s either you watch it online or whatever you fancy with. Anyways, happy Labor Day!

NOTE: Thanks to Bubblews for the article.

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1 Response to Sword Art Online… Airing in the Philippines

  1. i don’t give recent years been DECLINE of anime watching & lack of anime showing since abs-cbn & Going Messed-up Anime network have sometime screw & oops anime a lot give showing too much long-runs aka naruto, one piece, conan, etc.

    worse tv5 barely do anime anymore & don’t make mention of studio 23 since it over-rated to watch & since also Going Messed-up Anime network is KILLED Q-channel to news & filler show.

    & not even IBC/AKTV not even do anime cause too much commericals & sports junk to watch.

    yea should i even mention cable tv really hero tv also reach decline point in recent years with lack of good barely show, too much bring back recall anime, bad scked (indeed BAD IDEA to put 12-13 anime on weekdays especially showing 4 times in a row is OVERKILL even worse 5 or 6 times of same anime showing) & yet pull show actual ENGLISH DUB ANIME.

    animax really don’t pull in cause their english lack the right feel, mood, emotion, etc really they show it full level due animax dub is very protective & don’t make to “UH-OH” dub like panty & stocking dub give at that anime is right creative mood feel excite to watch.

    & please not CNP really more wrose to watch from garbage of courage dog, oggy-roaches (give also on disney really same show on 2 different channel is just bad move), marathon showing really is can’t not do it anymore.

    yet biggest crime of all there are still NO anime dvd-blu in phils video stores wonder why is Odyssey, Astro plus-vision, or even SM video stores had yet to many anime dvd-blu espeially one from such companies like Funimation, Sentai, etc U.S. anime companies?!

    indeed overall either phils tv-dvd manangement, MTRCB, or whatever CONSPIRACY been give anime the screw-job in phils anime world really WE HAD ENOUGH OF YOUR SAME OLD BLAH TO WATCH CAUSE WE WANT OUR ANIME LIFESTLYE BACK.

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