Hataraku Maou-sama! Episode #05

And it’s time for Hiro Shimono that he’s not just voicing idiots and butt-monkeys. He’s voicing Lucifer, and he’s crazy and goddamn evil!

Oh, and Lucifer killed Alsiel and Satan with his sexy-evil beam. Damn you, Shimono!!!

Then again, it seems that Lucifer will have a little talk with Satan’s fist of doom…

…which is why he, along with his companion, was apprehended. Thanks to Alsiel and Emilia, Satan saves Tokyo again!

BTW Chi-chan, I know you won’t believe this but Maou-san is a demon lord, while Emi is a half-angel hero and Ashiya is a demon general. Then again, she knows that her friends are not ordinary in the end, unlike most of the people when they’re treated as fictional beings!

As for these two, I think they returned to Ente Isla after arriving to our world. So much for their arrival, they should stay in Earth. Oh, and they’re late in the party! Anyways, it’s back to normal in Tokyo…

As for Maou-san, I think he has no clue that Chi-chan is in love with him, even after showing his Demon Lord form. *sigh* Oh Maou-san, get a clue!

Oh well, time for the next episode!

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