Haiyore! Nyaruko-san W Episode #05

We are living… Living in the 80’s!

Random CycloneJoker references aside, here’s Cuune and she’s Cuuko’s cousin… Good thing she didn’t make Mahiro’s head explode like any mook or a certain fat bastard from Hokuto no Ken.

And BTW, Cuune is madly in love with Cuuko that she turn down every marriage proposal just to get her little cousin. Well, at least their yuri behavior runs in the family…

As for Nyaruko, it seems that she’s been demoted for the time being. If Cuune finds out that Cuuko is in love with her sworn enemy, then it’s farewell to our cute Cthughan. (Oh, and our dear Nyarlathotepan will be burned to crisp too!)

Anyways, let’s wait and see if Cuuko can hold on against Cuune on the next episode. And BTW, it’s not like Cuuko is in love with Mahiro or anything… Let’s just say that Mahiro is Cuuko’s fake boyfriend!

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