Shingeki no Kyojin Episodes #01 – #06

So anyways, this is the surprise replacement I’m talking about on my previous post. From now on, I’ll be watching Shingeki no Kyojin (or Attack on Titan).

For this post, I’ll be summarizing on the first 6 episodes. As you may already know, Eren Jaeger swore vengeance after witnessing her mother being devoured by the titans and push them further back to Wall Maria.

Five years later, he, along with Armin Arlart and Mikasa Ackerman, joined the Reconnaissance Corps even though the three of them placed them in the Top 10, eligible to join the Military Police Brigade.

Unfortunately, it’s not smooth-sailing for Eren’s team. Not only he lost his mates (save for Armin), but he lost a leg, an arm, and quickly got devoured by a titan. Well, so much for the vengeance plot. Armin should be the one to be swallowed whole instead of him!

As for Mikasa Ackerman, she’s worried more about Eren and she’s in a brink of emotional collapse. I hope Eren can survive against the titan’s acidic digestive fluids!

Anyways, episodes 7 to 12 will be posted at the end of June. See you later!

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