Kakumeiki Valvrave Episode #07

Rest in peace, Aina Sakurai… We hardly knew ya!

Stupid Q-Vier, he should have listened to A-Drei’s orders. Oh well, there is a reason for Kyuuma to throw away his humanity and pilot the Valvrave. Good luck for Kyuuma… if he lives.

On the other hand, it seems that L-Elf (other than being hijacked by Haruto, and failing a coup-d’etat) has a reason to liberate Dorussia. As far as I can tell, he miss Liselotte (tentative name for L-Elf’s supposedly little sister) so much that he shed a tear.

Anyways, I’ll end this post with a future Saki Rukino. Yes, that’s her in the future. As for Cain, I have a feeling that he’ll become the next fuhrer… and immortal to boot.

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