Photo Kano Episode #08

Ootani-sensei, I know that you have big boobs for a teacher like you who always gets lost, but you’re not the main focus for this episode…

That’s right, it’s Aki Muroto, the former captain of the swimming club and the current student council president. Oh, and the “illicit entry” joke never gets old! Damn you Maeda-kun!

Since you already know Muroto-sempai ever since her appearance from Ep. 2, I think Madhouse made an improvement from Sanehara’s arc…

Of course, Muroto-sempai has some interaction on her belt with Maeda-kun from previous episodes than any of the heroines so far (sans Haruka), which is why her arc is slightly longer.

Other than her interaction, I think I like about how Muroto-sempai’s character grows for not just being a student council president/swimmer, but overcoming the expectations while trying her best to find the real personality that fits for her. And it’s all thanks to Maeda-kun that she changed to become the real Aki Muroto.

Although despite becoming a doctor in the end (and not kissing Maeda-kun), I think they did a good job for Muroto-sempai’s arc. I hope the next episode would surpass Muroto-sempai, but I still love that student council president.

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