Yahari Ore No Seishun Love Come Wa Machigatteiru Episode #08

Let’s exchange e-mail, Hachiman!

Soon, Hachiman fainted when he receives his first message from Totsuka. It’s super effective!

Today’s episode is the last day of the summer camp. While the Volunteer Club are doing the usual assistance to the kiddies, they also help a loner named Rumi Tsurumi. Unfortunately, their method of helping her was a bit cruel… and you may thank Hikigaya for coming up this plan.

Well, I can’t blame him for using his own experience to break up Rumi’s fake friends, but that’s life… Friendship never last a lifetime, and they’ll just befriend you for their convenience. Now I wonder if Rumi is a-okay with her friends.

Anyways, I think the next episode is all about Yukinon and her fateful day during summer break. Oh, and Hachiman is there… if you already know what happened to Yui’s dog on that day.

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