Haiyore! Nyaruko-san OVA


And here’s the OVA episode of Nyaruko-san. Unlike the rest of the episode, it’s short… but not as short as the previous Nyaruani flash series.

Speaking of the OVA, anyone guess who’s voicing Iron Striver? It could be Tomokazu Seki, or someone else who is badass! BTW, Tokusatsu is the best… if they have a good story other than having badass characters!

Anyways, this episode is all about Nyaruko turning into a magical girl! And while Luhy is a perfect mentor for aspiring magical girls (despite being… thirty), I think she did too much pressure on the crawling chaos…

…which is why she becomes a dark (and evil) magical girl! Eat your heart out now Sayaka, but I think that’s enough crazy antics for Nyaruko. I don’t want her to become a witch!

Anyways, back to Episode 8 of Season 2 next week! I hope Nyaruko doesn’t remember anything… or is it?

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