Kakumeiki Valvrave Episode #08

Is it just me, or did I hear Aki Toyosaki voicing Princess Liselotte? (Damn, I wish she was the fuhrer!) But anyways, this is the reason why L-Elf wants to liberate Dorussia!

Come to think of it, looks like the Nazi/Bavarian royalty successfully invaded Russia. But I was disappointed that they didn’t make Moscow as their capital.

On the other hand, Kyuuma should save his vengeance on the next episode. You are not ready yet to give up your humanity and pilot one of the Valvrave units!

As for L-Elf and Haruto, they finally made a contract together! But seriously, it’s kinda like bromance to me other than imitating Madoka Magica.

And one last thing, the coffee connection is kinda lame and hilarious in my opinion! Why don’t you use the ham and egg combination, Haruto. L-Elf will understand that!

To end this post, I think I knew that Cain is a fuckin’ vampire! Look at that mark on his neck, he is clearly not human.

He knows the existence of the Valvraves, and he has bigger plans for using them. I bet that Cain wants to marry that Valvrave OS-tan, but too bad for him ’cause she’s taken by Haruto!

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