Photo Kano Episode #09

On this episode, I would like to introduce Kazuya’s second childhood friend. Her name is Nonoka Masaki, and she reminds me of Kaoru Tanamachi… except that she’s a softball player!

Anyway, you already know what happened in the beginning of Episode 3 when Nonoka made that crashing kiss to Maeda-kun. Now on this episode, Nonoka’s arc begins right after that event. (Although the actual arc began with Kazuya helping Nonoka on her pitching.)

While the previous heroines are making their love confession at the end of their respective arcs, Nonoka decides to confess to Darts’un in the middle of her arc, which he responds by saying “I love you!” in the end. Oh, and there’s no drama or anything! (other than two random beach guys attempting to hit on Nonoka)

And BTW, she has some nice knockers to hold onto. It would be nice if she goes topless while grabbing her own boobies!

Still, Nonoka’s arc is good and it’s on par with Muroto-sempai, but I wish Madhouse could top that with Mai’s arc coming up! Anyways, enjoy Nonoka and her handbra!

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