Photo Kano Episode #10

Better chow down on Mai’s food… You know what happens if you don’t!

So remember guys, don’t let your girlfriends know that you’re hiding porn/gravure magazines. They’ll use it as blackmail.

Anyways, it’s Mai Sakura’s arc!

While it’s a story about Maeda-kun interacting with Mai-chan, it’s her story about determination! Although Mai-chan didn’t join the first team and become a regular competitor, at least she tried her best!

On the other hand, I think she’s fallen in love with Kazuya-sempai from time to time. And look, they almost have sex if it wasn’t for Kazuya’s “Niiyan” little sister Kanon. Sae Nakata’s pregnant epilogue, anyone?

Bottom line, it’s a cute arc to watch. However, I think Madhouse is getting SHAFT-y on the quality department.

At this point, the last two episodes would have some off-model moments if you pay attention. But anyways, it’s Rina Yunoki’s arc next week!

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