Yahari Ore No Seishun Love Come Wa Machigatteiru Episode #10

Sorry Yui, but neither Hikky nor Yukinon have the right mood to speak with you. Forever alone, and end of story…

Oh wait, we still have 3 episodes to go. And BTW, the school festival is coming up and while Yukinoshita is mostly doing all the paperwork as the vice-chairman (Minami Sagami is the chairman BTW), I think the festival will fail without her… which it happened at the end of this episode. Can’t help Yukinon being sick and weary doing it all by herself!

Pressure to one-up Haruno while being her shadow, or just that Sagami being a douchebag? No one knows until the next episode airs next week. And one more thing, I think both Hachiman and Yukinon are getting more distant in my opinion. Man, this Haganai-clone can’t be this depressing to watch.

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