Ore no Imouto ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai. Episode #10

This week’s episode of OreImo will not air today. Instead, it will be replaced with Stardust Witch Meruru!

Just kidding, it’s still OreImo as Bridget Evans and Kanako Kurusu are back as Alpha Omega and Meruru, respectively!

Last time I saw Kanako, she’s a grumpy bitch that scared the shit out of Bridget! Now they became friends, which is very fast considering that Kanako has no character development on this show.

On the other hand, seems that Kirino-chan might not make it to the Stardust Witch Meruru Festival (or Meru-Fest) as her photo-shoot will be a bit longer to finish things up!

So, Kyousuke heads there to pick his sister up. As for Ayase-tan, her role is just reduced to being an emotional supporter!

Anyways, Kyousuke borrowed a ita-chari from Kouki Mikagami and pedaled his way to pick Kirino up. Nice bridal getup by the way, Kiririn!

Also, I wish Kyousuke would carry her sister like a bride!

So they arrived at Meru-Fest and although it’s kinda late, at least they watched the finale courtesy of ClariS!

Anyway, on to the next episode and regarding ClariS’ appearance on this episode? It was a lie! Damn you A-1 Pictures, why can’t you show ClariS!?

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