Haiyore! Nyaruko-san W Episode #09

Oh Nyaruko, you and your shout-outs… Now you’re becoming like Saeko Busujima!

In any case, nothing exciting happened on Episode 9 other than playing cards games and mahjong!

On the other hand, Cuune is back after being lock-up in Cuuko’s dimensional room. Yes, she is pissed (other than buying a limited-edition Dagomon) against Mahiro. You know, playing as Cuuko’s fiance?

Well, there’s no other choice but letting Cuuko take the initiative. A kiss closer to the lips would knock their sanity points out… and all three (plus Shanta-kun) lost all of it in a single swoop!

Anyways, three episodes to go. And as far as Cuune is concerned, she won’t be coming back for a while!

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