Kakumeiki Valvrave Episode #10

On this episode of Valvrave, it’s an election episode where it is more important than Japan’s (or JIOR’s) general election, but less prominent than the AKB48’s election.

Sure, Shoko will win this one since she’s the muthafuckin’ daughter of a Prime Minister, and not to mention using school logic, of all things…

While Shoko is expected to win…

Angela’s “Boku Janai” is appropriate on this scene IMO.

…somebody from Sunrise popped an idea of a rape scene. Shoko getting NTR’d, perhaps? Nope, VVV-tan did it! Congrats to that glutton OS for experiencing sexual intercourse. After all, if it wasn’t for vampire rape, Haruto wouldn’t get laid!

Seriously Sunrise, you done your share of raunchy scenes like Gundam SEED and such! But anyways, expect Saki getting hysterical… unless she’s a slut at the beginning of this show.

And there you have it. Haruto has become a man, and not a single bloodshed (as in flying bodies) happened on this day. (except for poppin’ cherries!)

BTW, I’m disappointed that Akira didn’t pilot Valvrave Six on this episode. Maybe next week, perhaps… if Satomi got himself killed for his humiliating defeat!

PS: Sorry for the late posting of this blog entry. Internet and storm don’t mix!

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