Ore no Imouto ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai. Episode #11

So Kyousuke and Kirino, remember what I told you that you should get rid of that photo sticker before your parents get a hold of it?

Well, it seems that both of you got busted and your parents are getting suspicious on your sibling relationship!

On this episode, Kyousuke moves out from his house to stay away from Kirino and focus on his studies to get perfect marks for the exam. Long story short, he’s lonely until he gets all A’s!

Don’t worry though as he’ll be visited by the likes of Kanako. I mean, she has free time!

Also, seems that Kanako found an eroge beneath Kyousuke’s futon. Honestly Kyou-chan, you should hide it somewhere other than underneath your bed like a typical male protagonist!

On the other hand, good thing Kanako didn’t realize that Kirino is an otaku. Thanks for being oblivious to anything regarding Kirino, Kanako-chan!

On the other hand, there’s Ayase Aragaki where she met Ruri Gokou in her classic sailor uniform, ready to stab her and Kyousuke with a knife at any minute!

Well forget about Ayase-tan committing murder at Kyousuke’s new crib as both of them will settle their differences in the delusion world.

It’s kinda like a certain “Banishment, this world!” show about chunnibyou. Yes, I’m looking at you KyoAni! Anyways, I think Kyou-chan will have a hard time getting a perfect score if he’s distracted much…

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