Haiyore! Nyaruko-san W Episode #10

On this episode, Nyaruko has a fever so she has to rest for the time being. It doesn’t mean that Nyaruko won’t get any screentime when she is resting, so there are times that she has to act like a reckless fool.

On the other hand, I wonder what the hell is XEBEC thinking? Are they using Macross references as foreshadowing to defeat an alien army-of-the week!? Gee XEBEC, you gonna get sued by Harmony Gold if you’re planning to export it overseas!

Anyways, the aliens were defeated by Deculture. Way to go, XEBEC… and also Studio Nue, Big West, and Shoji Kawamori for bring Macross on this anime!

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  1. The lesson, as always, is that Shoji Kawamori doesn’t need to actually do anything to be the source of major trolling.

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