Photo Kano Episode #12

And this is the arc I’ve been waiting for… It’s Tomoe Misumi’s arc!

While her character has some dabs of Eriko Futami from KimiKiss, the rest is all-original. Man, I can’t believe that Enterbrain would come up a gloomy character like Tomoe.

On this arc, it’s not about Maeda-kun getting the girl. It’s all about making memories at Kouga Academy since Misumi-san is transferring to another school after the school festival.

Sure, I was disappointed that Kazuya didn’t fall in love with Tomoe a bit. Then again, I was so touched that she made friends with the six heroines (plus the Photo Club, Kanon, and “Stealth” Uchida) before moving out.

Oh, and BTW… Tomoe in a skimpy swimsuit looks gorgeous! Don’t worry, it’s not plain!

So yes, Maeda didn’t confess to Tomoe in the end… But hey, at least they made memories together! If only there was an after story when they re-united.

Anyways, one episode left… and I don’t think Uchida won’t get an arc of her own!

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