Hataraku Maou-sama! Episode #12

Shirtless Demon Lord is demonically sexy! Not Jojo-level though…

And so, Maou-san regain his powers thanks to some unknown phenomenon that causes people to panic and cringe in fear. I mean, his source of power is fear and panic from other people.

Oh, and as for that phenomenon, look no further than Orba who regained his strength by chugging off Emi’s holy energy drink, which is why he made a bigger moon for that jerkass archangel Sariel to power up!

Unfortunately, he’s not-so important as the other cast…

…so he was shoryuken’d by Urushihara, of all people. Wow, you sure play Street Fighter on your PSP a lot!

Well then, let’s end this episode with Maou’s demonically scary face wielding his big-ass laser sword!

And this is how this jerkass angel/SFC manager faces his defeat. C’mon, you should pay up for wrecking his Dullahan, you cologne-reeking pervert angel!

Anyways, Chi-chan is saved, Emi-chan has been rescued, Ashiya recovered (but he’s too late to help Maou-san), and Tokyo is safe once again! (Of course, it’s a pain in the ass to repair most of the buildings with his magic…)

Now then, on to the last episode…

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