Kakumeiki Valvrave Episode #12

“Make a contract with me and become a magical vampire girl!” /人◕ ‿‿ ◕人\

This episode is the grand finale… Oh wait, this show will continue in October!

But anyways, this is Akira, Satomi’s reclusive sister. And while she was bullied before, I have to say that Akira not having Valvrave Six is out of the question…

Oh look, and she has a wand that can hack machines with a stroke.

Dr. Tokushima (or someone mysterious mad scientist), you’re such a magnificent bastard!

On the other hand, Cain finally shows that he’s not human, but a full-blooded vampire. Oh, and calls himself a Magius.

And lastly, he just awaken Valvrave Two, Valvrave One’s little (or older) brother! You know that means, expect a sibling rivalry between Unit 1 and Unit 2…

Anyways, that would be it for this episode. Tune in next time in Fall when Haruto, Shoko, and their buddies save the universe from the hands of the Magius.

And while there’s no explanation on what happened to the rest of the cast, I have to say that it’s gonna be VOTOMS once again with those mind-blown conspiracies! Oh Sunrise…

PS: About Haruto’s proposal… It seems that he was rejected by Saki. What. The. Fuck!

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