Ore no Imouto ga Konnani Kawaii Wake ga Nai. Episode #13

Well I have to admit myself, it was Kyousuke’s fault that made Kirino the most not-so cute and bitchy sister that is today!

You see, Kirino is always admired her brother much when they’re little kids…

…until Manami Tamura told Kirino-chan that Kyousuke’s amazing side is no more. Why? Because it’s wrong to have siblings fall in love with each other.

Damn, Manami-chan saw right through Kirino’s mind! No wonder why Kyousuke’s not-so cute sister got a grudge on the bespectacled childhood friend!

Anyways, this is how her fate has been sealed to become a model to everyone, but an otaku underneath her bitchy attitude! I feel that I wanna do a facepalm on Kyou-chan’s failure as a older brother…

Now then, expect 3 more episodes airing in August. It’s the grand finale of OreImo and I hope Crunchyroll can pick that up!

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