Shingeki no Kyojin Episodes #07 – #13

So Eren, how’s life inside of a Titan?

Mmm, tomato soup… Would it be nice if they add potatoes, other than human carcasses and blood?

Anyways, this is Shingeki no Kyojin episodes 7 to 13. As Eren tries to reboot himself from being inside, a stray titan appeared in Trost and surprisingly, destroying its fellow kind.

I wonder what kind of sorcery is this when that abnormal titan appeared out of nowhere, but it doesn’t matter now since it’s helping mankind win the war on survival.

As for Eren…

…it turns out that not only he survived, but Eren becomes a titan, thanks to his father injecting an experimental serum onto his body. Wait, this ain’t right on turning Eren into a human guinea pig.

I mean, not everyone is convinced that he’s an asset to mankind. And not only that, it’s still not perfect if he’s facing either the Colossal Titan or the Armored Titan…

Oh, and he’s not comfortable too if he stays like this for a longer time. It’s a bit cramped inside, huh?

Nevertheless, despite tons of sacrifices and some screw-ups, Eren the Titan picked up a boulder that was blocking their basement from Ep. 1, and throw it straight to the hole.

Now plugging it to prevent the Titans from advancing further is easy…

…but getting out without being eaten is another story. Well, that’s gonna suck if Eren was chomped by a titan for good. He’ll become meat chunks and turn that tomato soup into a stew!

Good thing Eren’s life is spared when Levi saved him and his friends in the nick of time. Then again, he’s not amused that Eren is a Titan, which Levi assumed that he’ll betray humanity or go berserk.

So anyway, that’s how it happened during Eps. 7 to 13. With humanity triumphed over the titans, the question is how to reclaim their lands after recapturing their territory inside Wall Rose?

Of course, Eren has some explaining to do on the next episode!

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